Shop Links:
Yahoo Group 9x20 Lathe
Mini-Lathe Dot Come
MIT Tech TV Machine Shop course
Smithy Online Machine Tools Course
Machinist Blog how to grind, and use, the finishing tool
Micro Machine Shop
Bedair Machine Works
Another Good 9x20 Lathe Page
Stellar International 9x20 Lathe Modification Page
Nevada Bolt and Hose
Vegas Fastener Manufacturing
Meads Hardware Store
Copper State Bolt and Nut
McFadden-Dale Industrial Hardware
J.T. Fasteners, Inc.
Marisa U.S.A., Inc.

Hiking Las Vegas Links:
Bird and Hike
Hiking Las Vegas

Mac Links:
My Macbook Mod
Wallpaper Clocks for your Mac
Open Source Mac Software
Hot Keys

PC Links:
My Youtube Video of a burned up, but working, Panasonic Toughbook
Replace your hosts file to cut down on malware

Electronics and Hacks Links:
Electronics Tools(Resistor Calculator, Capacitor Guide, Soldering Tips etc.)

Shopping Links:
Zenni Optical (cheap eyeglasses)
Deal Extreme
Price Angels

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My Facebook
Rolex Information (serials, dates, etc.)
The Grammar Girl

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